Welcome Message
Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce that the 8th International Conference on Solid→Solid Phase Transformations in Inorganic Materials (PTM2020) will be held in Xi’an, China from June 29th to July 3rd, 2020. The goal of PTM2020 is to bring together international experts on solid→solid state phase transformation from academia and industry to meet and discuss their research each other in a friendly atmosphere.

Together with Athens, Cairo and Rome, Xi'an is among the four major ancient civilization capitals of the world. It is on the natural westward land route out of China into Central Asia, the starting point and terminus of the Silk Road, which brought the city material wealth as well as religious and cultural melting for over a thousand years. Xi’an boasts a history of more than 3,000 years, of which more than 1100 years were as the national capital for 13 dynasties. It has many places of historic interest, including: the Terracotta Warriors, the Banpo Museum, the Huaqing Spring, Shaanxi Museum of History, etc. In addition to technical program, a varied social program is planned for all participants and their companions. 

We invite you to join us in Xi’an and look forward to hosting a successful and inspiring conference! 

Chairman of Organizing Committee of PTM2020
Professor of Tsinghua University
Zhigang YANG
Key Dates
Abstract Submission Deadline:
Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Conference Date:
June 29th-July 3rd, 2020

Organized by

  The Chinese Society for Metals (CSM)

Co-sponsored by
 The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials (JIM), Japan
 Materials Australia (MA), Australia
 The Chinese Materials Research Society (C-MRS), China
The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials (KIM), Korea

 The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS), USA

News & Updates
Conference Secretariat

Dr. Hao Chen, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
Mr. Xin Zhao, The Chinese Society for Metals, 76 Xueyuan Nanlu, Beijing 100081, China
Phone: + 86 10 6521 1205   
Fax: + 86 10 6512 4122
Email: ptm2020@csm.org.cn  
Website: www.ptm2020.com

Plenary Speakers